WOLF SKYWALKER was the eldest son of Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue Skywalker, and descendant of Anakin and Luke. He was born in 150 A.B.Y. on Ganna during a firefight. Wolf Skywalker went on to be trained by Jedi Master K'Kruhk, and became a Jedi Master in 189 A.B.Y.

== Birth == Whilst on Ganna, in 150 A.B.Y., trying to steal some Bon-Bon Spice from some Rodian smugglers, Deliah Blue gave birth to Wolf Skywalker. It was during a aggressive firefight that Wolf's father's best friend, Jariah Syn, lost an eye. Jariah had been beamed in the face, and went onto needing

surgery to recover. After killing the Rodians and stealing the spice, Cade finally named his first born son. He named him Wolf, after his deceased Master, Wolf Sazen.

== Early Years ==

In 151 A.B.Y., Wolf's younger brother Jariah Skywalker was born. The two were quickly taught to fight with blasters by "Uncle Syn." As they grew older, they began participating in the illegal operations run by their parents and "Uncle." Cade noticed that they were both sensitive to the Force, and knew that he must turn them over to the Jedi. With much reluctance from Deliah, Cade let 8 year old Wolf, and 7 year old Jariah attend the United Jedi Order on Dagobah. They trained with 50 other young pupils in secret under one hundred secret Jedi. The pupils were all schooled together as they used to on Yavin 4. While on the planet, they made friends with Chakaruuk, a descendant of Lowbacca and relative to Chewbacca. As they were all the same age, they all became fast friends.

== Jedi Apprentice ==

In 161 A.B.Y., K'Kruhk, the Grandmaster of the order, took on Wolf as his padawan. K'Kruhk often stated how honored he was to train a member of the Skywalker family. While Council Member Gug-Gug Binks trained his brother, Wolf was happy. He often said how purposeful he felt at being a Jedi. Over the years his parents continued visiting them, and in 170 A.B.Y., they stopped coming. Wolf and Jariah were worried about their parents and knew that the current dictator of the galaxy must have them.

== Attempted Rescue of Their Parents ==

Feeling as though they had to do something, twenty year old Wolf, along with his ninteen year old brother, left the academy. Stowing away on an old transport, they were shocked to find that Chakaruuk, or "Chuka" had followed them. Making their way to Coruscant, they met Miff'Kan'Thrawna, a young Chiss. They became friends over a few weeks, and the three young Jedi realized "Miff" had Force potential. Miff joined up with the gang, and they discovered she was a secret descendant of Thrawn himself! Wolf began to develop feelings for her, and was pleased to learn she was in between him and his brother in age. Upon arriving at Coruscant, they quickly found out where the One Sith and descendant of the Emperor were set up. They were torturing their parents inside Death Tower, a Skyscraper of 5,000 floors. At night they slipped into the tower, and were able to avoid Sith up until the 4,998th floor. The three Jedi ignited lightsabers and charged at Darth Talon, who was guarding the stairs to the torture room. Fighting for several minutes, Chuka became wounded by Force lightning, and Miff pulled him out of danger. Wolf was able to take her weapon, and his younger brother held a lightsaber up to her throat. They asked her a few questions, and were shocked to hear that they had a half sister. At that moment, daughter of Cade and Talon rushed forward. She stabbed through Chuka, killing him, and took his golden lightsaber. Miff stunned the half Twi'Lek, half human, and Wolf knocked Talon out. The three friends walked nervously into the Torture Room, and were shocked by what they saw! K'Kruhk, Gug-Gug Binks, and Bandt Vos, the Secret Council Members of the Jedi, all lay dead around the room. They were equally shocked to see 50 other Knight and Masters laying around the room in bloodied piles. Strapped to racks on the other side of the room were their parents and Syn. Worrying that they were dead, they charged forward and were glad to see that they were still breathing. Examining their family sickened them, as they found Deliah was missing her feet, and Cade was missing an entire arm. Syn was worst with a big gouge through his chest. Jariah was the only one conscious, and muttered that he was glad to see his "nephews." He told them he would not survive and to rescue their parents instead. Jariah Syn sighed and breathed a final breath, before dying contentedly. he was glad to see his "nephews." He told them he would not survive and to rescue their parents instead. Jariah Syn sighed and breathed a final breath, before dying contentedly. It was then that Axel Palpatine, accompanied by Darth Nihl and Darth Scabrous, entered the chamber. They tried to fight, but were overwhelmed, and soon captured. Axel revealed that all of the secret Jedi on Dagobah were now in a secret Yuuzhan Vong prison. The three friends were taken away from their parents and placed in cells. Wolf would never see his purple lightsaber again.

== Prison ==

After spending most of the next two years in his cell alone, Wolf was outraged. 172 A.B.Y. saw Axel visit him. He spoke persuasively and informed him that he had done him a service. Wolf was shocked to here that Axel had murdered the One Sith, including Nihl and Talon. Wolf asked why, and Axel informed him that he saw much of Jacen Solo and Anakin Skywalker in his younger brother. Axel told Wolf that he was reestablishing the rule of two, and that his brother was now his apprentice. He told him he was keeping Wolf, Miff, and Ruin as backup apprentices. Wolf was shocked and asked if his parents were alive, to which Axel laughed and revealed that they had gone through Yuuzhan Vong shaping. Wolf asked to see Miff, and Axel laughed, saying he would be storing his backups in the same cell.

== Meeting His Sister ==

All year in 173 A.B.Y., Wolf, Ruin, and Miff, were caged in a tight space together. Wolf was scared that Ruin would try to hurt Miff, but was surprised when she asked to learn the Jedi ways. She was hurt to be betrayed, and realized Sith was not the answer. The three continued their Jedi training, and they vowed not to be corrupt.

== New Skywalkers ==

By 174 A.B.Y. the three had become good friends, and they had not seen Axel once. Wolf announced his feelings for Miff, and the two became very close. Miff announced to Wolf and Ruin that she carried the new Skywalker. At the end of the year, twins were born! Wolf decided to name the elder male, Jacenn, and the younger female Jainna. Wolf vowed to keep Jacenn and Jainna Skywalker safe!

== Escape ==

Months later, Axel payed them a visit, he had a surprise for them. He showed Wolf that his uncle, Jariah Syn had survived. Wolf was super surprised when Axel showed them a Holorecording. As they watched the clip, Jacenn and Jainna hid under the cell bunk. The vid showed a man dressed in black robes slice through a tortured Jariah, killing him for good. Wolf gasped in surprise that just as Uncle Syn had been alive, he was now dead. Axel jeered about who had struck the blow, the Holorecording flipped around and Wolf felt anger rise in him. The one who had killed his uncle was his younger brother! Wolf felt the Dark Side rush through him, and he shot Force Lightning at Axel and his one guard. In minutes, Axel Palpatine lay dead, and Wolf felt horrible for doing it. He apologized to the shocked Miff and Ruin, and did not notice a blue inky form slip into Jainna. The three adults grabbed the kids, and in minutes they had stolen a ship. Troubled by his Darkness, Wolf vowed he would not become Jacen, and break Miff's heart as Tenal Ka Djo's had been.

== Laying Low on Tatooine ==

The trio settled in Mos Eisley, in Tatooine. They became moisture farmers, and Wolf and Ruin taught the children in the ways of the Force. Wolf and Miff had a Wedding Ceremony, and in 175 A.B.Y., Rashad, Conan, and Coleman Skywalker were born. The triplets brought much joy to them all. However, in 176 A.B.Y., Wolf found his wife dead with signs of a struggle. He had no idea that the killer was his own daughter, Jainna, as the two year old was being possessed by Axel. Ruin and Wolf were left heartbroken, and in 180 A.B.Y., When Jainna and Jaccen were 6, Ruin and Wolf took them as padawans. A orphaned rodian named Jogie who was force sensitive was also trained in the Force. Wolf became convinced that perhaps the Jedi could rebuild after they were all slaughtered. However, Axel in Jainna's body sent word to Jariah Skywalker, who was bent on his brother's destruction, that they were ready to strike. Jariah prepared his fleet of Assassin Droids, and they were ready to finish off the Jedi for good. However, Jariah waited until he knew there would be no possible way of escape. He planned an attack on the unsespecting Jedi.

== Battle to Survive ==

In 185 A.B.Y., Jariah striked. It was a normal day like any other, when two dozen Assassin Droids barraged on the Jedi's home. Ruin ignited her blue lightsaber, whilst Wolf ignited his new aque blue blade. Jacenn at 11, came to fight with them, and he ignited his orange and green baldes. The three stood outside the house along with twenty year old Jogie, who held a purple blade. Jainna was asked to stay inside and protect the ten year old triplets. Jariah bargged forward, and the four Jedi engaged him. After a long battle, only Jariah and an Assassin droid were standing. Jariah asked who the dumb Twi'lek was, and seemed mildy surprised that it was his sister. In the next battle, Ruin got her Lekku cut off, which pained her greatly. She rushed forward once more, and managed to slice off Jariah's hand. Jacenn and Jogie took care of the other droid, and they all quickly tried to rush for a starship. They were stopped by Jainna who held a double orange lightsaber, and attacked the group. Axel revealed himself to be in Jaina, and they reluctantly fought her. Jacenn tried to duck a shot, but his thumb was severed. Jacenn cried out, and lashed out in anger, killing his sister. The spirit of Axel was finally destroyed, and Jainna was left herself again. The wound was fatal, and Wolf held his dying and injured firstborns in his arm, with tears streaming down his face. Jainna died a Jedi, and became one with the force, joining her mother, Miff.

== A New Life ==

In 186 A.B.Y., Jacenn, Jogie, and the three little brothers, were seperated from Wolf and Ruin, when the parents were captured by Jariah and the evil government, on a shuttle, when they got into a disagreement. When Jacenn and Jogie were basically threading away from the the Remnants of the altercation, Jogie even though he was A newer friend to the Skywalker family, senses something rooted inside of Jacenn. He also knew that they had an entire evil government of a galaxy after all, they wanting to take revenge for The capitulation of the spirit of Axel Palpatine. He had to get the triplets safe, as Jacenn looked up to him as a brother he never had. The Rodian thought where would he find the dirtiest most unnoticable city planet to stay in the pockets of the Underworld so he could heal Jacenn and solve the situation, which he knew he could not. His Great Great Grand Parents were young peasants during the clone wars and heard stories of the legendary Skywalker line. He had to find options. Now.

==Runaways Pt I==

“R75-4DJ/32, set course for Firefist Companion Galaxy. Use the emergency extragalactic drive... we can get it fixed later..” said Jogie “We have to save Wolf and Ruin!"

== Tortured ==

Meanwhile, Wolf could sense his four children and Jogie coming to their rescue. He prayed silently that they would turn back, as he knew their would be incredible dangers. Wolf and Ruin did not know where they were, some creepy unidentified planet. They were being held in the embrace of pain by two Yuzzhan Vong servents. Daily Jarih would come and batter his siblings with his fists. The pain was great! But they were Jedi! Eventually, Wolf came to realize the brainwashed Vong servants, were actually his battered parents, Deliah Blue and Cade Skywalker. He knew he had to help them.... But how? Wolf was in great pain, and was in greater pain when Jariah slowly sliced off his entire arm. His children were coming, and he was worried his children would meet their end trying to resue him and Ruin.

== Runaways Pt II ==

As Jogie piloted the ship nearer to the planet Godogi in the Firefist Galaxy, he felt he would not survive the mission. The young Rodian did not fear for his on life, but for his two mentors, who could rebuild the broken Jedi Order. He looked over his head to see Coleman and Conan playing around, whilst Rashad listened to a story told by Jacenn. The Rodian admired the heirs to the Skywalker family. He thought the mix of Zelton, Human, and Chiss blood, made them all the most unique of the powerful family of Force users. They dropped out of Hyperspace, and Jogie got a knot in his stomach. Was he leading the tenth line of Skywalkers to their doom?

== Enter Ania Solo ==

Jariah was the new dictator of the galaxy, and he found great joy in torturing his siblings. However, he was surprised one day when a horde of Mandalorians captured Coruscant. "No matter" he thought, "I do not need Coruscant, as I will make a City Planet here in Firefist my new capital of the Galaxy". However, Jariah was blown away when he saw that in one of Axel's cells, sat a beautiful women. One of the half dozen Jedi left, Ania Solo sat in a cell. A distant cousin to his father, Jariah was in love. "How could this Jedi love a Sith like me?!" Ania loved Jariah and the two became close, Ania slowly turned Jariah's heart light once more, and in 186 A.B.Y., Jariah decided to rebel against his own Empire. The evil government, Jariah decided was not good for the galaxy. He released his brother and sister, right when his nephews and Jogie arrived. Jariah contacted the Mandalorian forces, they were going to fight this evil government. Jariah finally revealed that twenty more Jedi lived in a secret. After freeing them, they were ready! In 190 A.B.Y, they were ready to attack the big outpost at Dantooine.

== The Odds ==

There were millions of evil troops in the galaxy. They had twenty Jedi, including Wolf and his padawan Jacenn, and Jariah and his padawan Jogie. Also, thousands of Mandalorians were to be let by Gabriel Fett, of the line of Boba. Before they attacked Dantooine, two marriages took place, Ruin Skywalker married Gabriel and became Ruin Skywalker-Fett. Jariah married the older Ania Solo. They were all ready, and also on their side was two Yuuzhan Vong, Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue! Before they went to war, however, Ruin gave birth to a new Skywalker, Boba Skywalker-Fett. This changed plans. Jariah and Ania would stay behind, and teach twelve new Jedi students along with Boba. Whist, Jodie, Ruin, Gabriel, the mandalorians, cade and Deliah, Wolf, Jacenn, Rashad, Conan, Coleman, and twenty Jedi Knights would atatck Dantooine.

== Battle at Dantooine ==

When the fighting started on the grounds of Dantooine, they were shocked to see the thought dead Darth Nihl, and a hooded figure. They stated that they no longer wanted any issues with him. Though Nihl objected, and said he had 100 Dark Grey Jedi with him and he was ready for a fight. He also added there was a very powerful imperial war lordship in the inner deep core of Skyriver and stated that a fleet of 30 Flagships and 470 Star Destroyers were orbiting Coruscant. He added that 30 Star Destroyers were orbiting and blockading every major planet in the galaxy. Nihl explained that he was now Grey Jedi, and that Cerberus ordered all Sith and Jedi to die since Cerberus was a not Force Sensitive and had no use for those who were. (Other than Grey Jedi.) Over the next few minutes Darth Nihl first killed Ruin and Gabriel. Rashad was killed next, and slowly the twenty Jedi started being picked off. Coleman and Jogie died together, in a attempted leap at theiur targets. Only Wolf, Conan, and Jacenn remained. Nihl said “Take this as a message of what your family has taken from me.”. He demanded where the Sith and Jedi were, although all Sith were currently gone. Darth Nihl only left Jacenn and Conan alive leading Wolf to scream out, “When will are prosecution end!” Darth Nihl hastily said “Never, until every Jedi is gone and Every Sith is gone.” However Nihl Left the two Skywalkers alive because he knew then Cerberus would still have use of him, to destroy all Skywalkers. Wolf was seriously paralyzed from his wounds, then crawled to his crying children. Looking at Jacenn and Conan left behind alone, with bodies all around them, he felt ill. He said “Go!”, and gave his aqua colored darksaber given to him by a force relic collector to Conan, and then he gasped a final time. Thus ended the life of Wolf Skywalker in tragedy, yet he provided hope for the Jedi Order numerous times.

Wolf Skywalker

Wolf Skywalker in the briefing room before the Battle of Dantooine.

Behind the scenes

Lordshadowspawn and Legends lover created this caharcter as the heir of the Skywalker family. He was originally intended to marry Ania Solo, but instead his brother did. His five children are Human/Chiss/Zeltron. He will appear in Legend Lover's novel, Legacy III:Brothers at War, the first of the Legacy III books. He originally had a golden lightsaber, but replaced the crystals and used a purple one. He lost this saber to Sith, and made a new one with an Aqua blade. he later received a Aqua Darksaber, and so stopped using his old one. He passed the aqua darksaber to his son, Conan who already used a white darksaber. Wolf was appointed to Jedi Master a year before his death.

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