Rashad Skywalker was a member of the Skywalker Family, and son to Wolf Skywalker and Miff Skywalker. He was the oldest of the triplets, and younger brother to the one year older twins, Jacenn Skywalker and Jainna Skywalker. His younger brothers, Conan Skywalker and Coleman Skywalker, looked up to their older brother.


Rashad Skywalker was born fifteen minutes before Conan on Tatooine to Wolf and Miff Skywalker. He was the first born of the triplets, and was last to be named.

== Growing Up ==

Rashad never got to meet his mother as she was violently murdered when he was one year old. He was 10 years old in 185 A.B.Y., when his brother, Jacenn was forced to kill his possessed sister, Jainna. His entire life growing up, he was taught in the ways of the Jedi by his aunt, Ruin Skywalker-Fett, and his father.

In 186 A.B.Y., his aunt and father were captured by his uncle, Jariah Skywalker. He along with Rodian Jedi, Jodie, and three brothers, decided to go and rescue them. They went to the Firefist Galaxy, and while in Hyperspace, Rashad constructed his only lightsaber, one of emerald green. Upon arriving they were all shocked that Jariah Skywalker had become a Jedi once more. They rallied the Mandalorian forces, and freed twenty Jedi, before looking to strike a blow against Nihl and Cerberus's Galactic Empire. Rashad got to meet his new uncle, Gabriel Fett, and stated how cool it was to have a cool Uncle. He met his cousin Boba Skywalker-Fett and his Aunt, Ania Solo Skywalker.

Before he left, he had a cybernetic gauntlet permanently drilled to his arm. He believed it looked really cool.

== Death on Dantooine ==

Rashad and twenty Jedi, along with an army of Mandalorians, and his grandparent Vong, fought Nihl and a small army of Gray Jedi. Rashad was saddened to see his long time hero, Aunt Ruin be killed. Gabriel also was killed. He saw that the Jedi were slowly being killed and decided to attack Nihl himself. Holding his lightsaber with both hands, he swung at Nihl. He missed his target, and dueled the former Sith. Sadly, he was not yet powerful enough, and the fifteen year old lost his head.

Behind the Scenes

Legends Lover created Rashad Skywalker, and made the name a play on A'Sharad Hett and Sharad Hett, the Tusken Jedi. It was Lordshadowspawn who decided on killing the Jedi, as Legends Lover immediately intended for him to reestablish the Jedi council. Instead his brother Conan will do this, and Legends Lover now agrees that it was a good idea to kill off Rashad.

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