Jacenn Skywalker was son of Wolf Skywalker and his future wife Miff. He was a descendent of Anakin, Luke, Ben, Kol, and Cade. He was twin to Jainna Skywalker, and they were both named for the Solo twins.

== Birth ==

Jacenn was born to the Chiss Miff and her lover Wolf Skywalker in 174 A.B.Y. in a cell. He was born first, and his younger sister was born eighteen minutes after. Jacenn and Jainna were named to some old relatives to the Skywalker family, and inherited the famous name.

== Fleeing Captivity ==

After Wolf killed Axel Palpatine, they along with their Aunt Ruin and Parents fleed in a shuttle to Tatooine.

== Early childhood ==

At a young age living as simple Moisture Farmers in exile, he and his possessed sister, were taught in the ways of the force by their father, aunt, and occassionally their mother. 175 A.B.Y. Brought the birth of three younger brothers, Rashad, Conan, and Coleman. In 176 A.B.Y., their mother was found dead. Jacenn's two year old sister under the influence of Axel Palpatine's spirit, had secretely murdered their mother. In 180 A.B.Y., at the age of six, Jacenn was given his mother's orange lightsaber. That same year, he made a Frost Green saber. All year he practiced two saber dueling styles, whilst his sister used an orange double bladed weapon! At this time, Wolf took his son as a padawan, and he was trained in the mystic arts. By 185 A.B.Y., Jariah Skywalker attacked with an army of droids, Wolf and Ruin led a counterattack with Jacenn and Rodian Jedi padawan Jogie. They were able to destroy the droids and wound Jariah, allowing them to get to safety. Jainna attacked them, however, and she revealed that she was in fact, being possessed by the evil Axel Palpatine. Jainna dueled them, and 11 year old Jacenn got his thumb severed. Filled with rage, he slashed out, wounding his sister. The spirit of Axel was finally destroyed, but the wound to the freed Jainna was severe. She died a Jedi, and Jacenn felt very sad.

== Seperated ==

By 186 A.B.Y., he had a prosthetic thumb. However, he, Jogie, and his three ten year old brothers were seperated from their aunt and father when they were captured by Jariah Skywalker. Knowing they must save them from where they were held in captivity, they hijacked a ship, and set off for the Firefist Galaxy. While there, Conan, Coleman, and Rashad each crafted their own lightsaber with the force. Jacenn looked upon Jogie as an older brother to him, and looked up to the courageous Rodian. He taught his brothers what had been taught to him. When they landed on the planet their father and aunt were held on, they were surprised to find Jariah had been brought back to the light by Ania solo. Preperations were made, and they all got ready to attack the remnants of Axel’s empire!

== Battle of Dantooine ==

Engaging Darth Nihl and his small army of Gray Jedi on Dantooine in 190 A.B.Y., Jacenn was shocked when his fifteen year old brother was killed. Rashad’s death angered Jacenn, and he was angered more when Ruin Skywalker-Fett, Gabriel Fett, Coleman Skywalker, Jodie, all Jedi, and his Yuuzhan Vong grandparents were killed. He, his father, and his last remaining sibling were left. Nihl killed his father, and the brothers took his lightsaber and fleed. However, the Gray Jedi Hand caught the sixteen year old’s Eye in the battle. She was older then him, but Jacenn knew she would be the one for him some day! Jacenn and Conan found a ship, and escaped the slaughter.

== Mourning On Eak ==

Jacenn and Conan explained the situation to their Uncle Jariah and Aunt Ania. They were the only two Jedi Masters left in the galaxy, whilst Jacenn and Conan were made Knights. They had 12 younglings to teach, and prayed their secret temple here on Eak would not be discovered. Jacenn could not keep his mind on the mourning ceremony, instead he thought of the Gray Jedi he had seen. Three year old Boba Skywalker-Fett was an orphan now, and Jacenn hoped Nihl would pay for his crimes. By 191 A.B.Y., Jedi padawan Trees Kana was made into the third Jedi Knight in the galaxy. Later that year, Abel Fett, cousin to Gabriel, told them that he and Clan Mawe were on their side. He said he would assassinate Nihl if he got the chance. The Jedi were joyed to have good people on their side once more. Later that year, Jacenn assisted in the delivery of his Uncle Jariah and Aunt Ania's baby. Jacenn met his cousin Deliah, and gazing upon her, thought he was witnessing hope for a new Jedi generation.

== Bad News from Mandalore ==

In 192 A.B.Y., Zakk Vizla, a relative to the main Vizla lineage, escaped to Eak, where he told them of the slaughter of Clan Mawe on Mandalore. The Jedi grimmly listned, and were saddened to know that Abel Fett was not accounted for. Later that year, Jacenn was shocked to see Wya Menro’a, the lady he had been so taken by at the Battle of Dantooine. The Dark Lady of the Gray Jedi told them that she too had noticed Jacenn, and after slaughtering Mandos, felt as if the Jedi Order offered more. Jacenn agreed immediately, and was suprised at how close in age they were. Not before long they developed feelings for one another.

== Marriage and Child ==

In 193 A.B.Y., Jacenn and Wya announced before the twenty nine Jedi, that they were pregnant, and would be married shortly after. Jacenn and Wya first met the second born of Jariah Skywalker and Ania Solo Skywalker. The child born was named Cade Skywalker Junior, after Jariah's dad, and Jacenn's grandad. Jacenn shivered remembering his Yuzzhan Vong parents being killed by Nihl at the Jedi Slaughter on Dantooine. However, by the end of the year a son was born to Jacenn. They decided on naming him Legacy, because of the Legacy the Skywalkers had left behind.

== Troubles ==

By 197 A.B.Y., the Jedi on Eak had not been discovered, and they were up to 7 Jedi Masters (Jariah, Ania, Jacenn, Wya, Trees Kana, Conan, and Deba Nosh), 18 Jedi Knights, 15 padawans, and 3 younglings. The 43 Jedi had not heard from the Mandalorians in a while, and were worried something was wrong. Jacenn welcomed the birth of another child that year. Star Skywalker was a adorable son, and Jacenn was shcoked when he fell ill. At 8 months old, Jacenn and Wya buried poor little Star. Jacenn was troubled that his son Legacy was not sad at his young brothers death. Jacenn wondered if the Dark Side had touched him.

= A New Century ==

Jacenn celebrated the new century along with the other Jedi. He was thankful that every Skywalker had at one point been a member of the Jedi. In an attempt to get closer with his distant son that failed, Legacy told his father how much he hated him. Jacenn was astonished and furious to find Legacy had said the same thing to Wya. Jacenn determined it would be good for the seven year old to get his own lightsaber.

== Legacy's Scary Blades ==
Jacenn Skywalker

Young Jacenn from his days growing up on Tattooine at age 11.

Legacy was excited to craft a lightsaber, but made his father very sad when he decided on going to get crystals with his Uncle Conan, who had just married the female Knight, Trees Kana. When the two returned, Legacy showed off his two red lightsaber blade. Jacenn's gut knotted up, seeing the usual lightsaber color of the Sith.

== 205 A.B.Y. ==

Life at the academy was quite peaceful, however, they got word that the Sith were in the early development of a Second Attack at Mandalore. The Jedi planned a counterattack, one that included Deliah Skywalker, Jacenn's young cousin. They decided she would go undercover as a Gray Jedi and infiltrate the evil Nihl's inner circle. After gaining their trust that is, the Jedi's plans were organized by Jacenn, Conan, and Jariah. Later that year, Jacenn welcomed a new Skywalker, his nephew was born to his brother, Conan and Trees Kana. The son was named Rashad Skywalker II. Legacy took interest in his young cousin, and for the first time, Jacenn was proud of his twelve year old son. Legacy often baby sitted the young child, who Conan named for he and Jacenn's dead brother, Rashad.

== Shocking News ==

In 207 A.B.Y., Jacenn and the Jedi were shocked to learn that Cerberus had been murdered. Jacenn knew what Nihl would do. Nihl had done just that. Blamed the murder on the Jedi although they had no knowledge of it! How could they have killed such a powerful man. Later that year, Deliah infiltrated the Gray Jedi, and the Jedi had their plans in motion.

== Runaway Son ==

Jacenn and Wya were broken-hearted when their son left them. He fleed on a Mandalorian supply ship. Jacenn would never see his son again. He was worried Legacy was the last respectable Skywalker, but then remembered his cousin Boba Skywalker-Fett, and his cousin Rashad Skywalker II. No, he decided the Skywalker and Solos will hang around. Later that year, his brother Conan and Jedi Knight Trees had another son, this one was called Eternal Skywalker.

== Death of Nihl ==

More shocking news reached the academy as they heard Abel Fett and Darth Nihl cut each other in half ina ferocious duel on the roof of a shuttle on Coruscant. Pieces of the puzzle fell together, and the Jedi realized Abel must have murdered Cerberus. That same year in 209 A.B.Y., they found that Deliah Skywalker was now leader of the Galaxy, the Executive President of Skyriver and the Gray Jedi Order. However, she was under much pressure to wipe out the Jedi Order, and slag all of them, from certain Admirals, such as Blackdeath and Russel Tarkin. Instead, she saved her parents and relatives by instead banishing them. She stated they would be banished, and if they came back would be destroyed. She secretely apologized to each Jedi, and told them it was the only way she could keep them alive. 210 A.B.Y. saw every Jedi being loaded into transports, to be shot into a random galaxy. Jacenn, Wya, and Boba escaped. Boba and the Sjkywalker couple split ways with Boba stating that he would change his name and become a Bounty Hunter, waiting for the day the Jedi would return. Saying goodbye to his cousin made Jacenn very sad.

== Loner ==

Jacenn Skywlaker

Jacenn holding his stolen lightsabers. (Mace Windu's is on the left.)

Wandering the galaxy and following the force, Jacenn had lost his wife in the hustle and bustle of a city planet in the Expansion Regions. He was worried she was dead, as he could no longer feel Wya in the Force. As a loner, he eventually lost his orange and green lightsabers to security patrols. He had to steal two old purple lightsabers from the Lightsaber Museum of Coruscant, including Mace Windu's famed saber. As he got older his skin tone got darker, making him harder to recognize. Missing his family and fellow Jedi, the legendary Jacenn died alone. He died on Tatooine in his childhood home. He, however, had been an important member of the United Jedi Order and the Second United Jedi Order of Eak. He was at one point one of only four Jedi left in the galaxy, and was instrumental in training a new line.

Behind the Scenes

Jacenn Skywalker was spelled with two n's in part to avoid confusion with Jacen Solo. Legends Lover and Sithshadowspawn created this character, and he was one of their favorites, as he was one of the two survivors of the 5 children of Wolf. Jacenn was at one point considered to be the one who would reestablish the Council, however, that job will go to his brother Conan.

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