Imperial Protector Taynor Galli was a Imperial Warlord after the events of High Emperor Cerberus. Who left behind 10 imperial warlords as his heirs, However some of these warlordships only lasted a few years. Leaving the remaining few to fend for themselves. He originally was a Dark Jedi that was the heir to the Finnead legacy of Grand Dark Jedi Finnead Tralo, (Who served Dictator Axelianus as a hand after the destruction of the One Sith. The Great Great Grandson of an Imperial Admiral who started his own "little empire" known as the Grand Viceroyalty of Sirmsey. Which eventually over the years morphed into the Imperial Viceroyalty of Cadmium; which was the dual crown ship for The Grand Empire of Bastion. Soon however he declared his independence and worked on a project to clone a Sith Lord from thousands of years ago.

He eventually found the artifact of Darth Nihilus and decided to work o using his skin cells to clone him as the potential new Sith Emperor. But Taynor was never stopped as it was a secret project.

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