Cerberus Vordor was a human Imperial affiliated Warlord during the last events of Legacy Era 2.

Responsible for Imperial reforms to the recently allowances of non near humans in the government. Cerberus Vordor, a staunch yet newer Imperial traditionalist refuses to even cooperate with the likes of force users and Sith Lords. Yet permitted pro-humanist religions and cults in the rimward part Of the Inner Deep Core where he ruled.

Rising through the ranks without any hint or trace of a Imperial noble family, he relied completely on his strategic might first impress the lower ranks who often rallied with him in mutinies against the failing Imperial Nobility who promoted these strange Sith and Jedi who seemed to just be legends.


Early life

Born in 162 ABY during the time when A pretender to the legacy of Emperor Palpatine was ruling the galaxy as Dictator, by age 19 he was planning an invasion out of the Inner Deep Core known as an Operation Red-venom that was originally meant for Axel Palpatine to overthrow the Sith government. But Later understood That the spirit of Axel was destroyed. And Mandalorians were occupying Coruscant, the jewel of the Galaxy under a descendant of Fett. And The Heir to the Sith Jariah Skywalker had reconverted to a Jedi. Then after his spies found out all of this, they employed 50 Grey Jedi and Darth Nihl to Help the Imperial Remnancy invade the galaxy then The Companion Besh/Firefist. The invasion would "fully" start in 200 ABY


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