Han Skywalker was member of the Skywalker Family, and son to Ben Skywalker. He was the grandson of Luke Skywalker, and Great Nephew to the man he was named for. Not much is known about him, although he became Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and constructed a lightsaber that has a lilting crystal, so that it would sometimes ommit a blue or green blade.

At some point he had two sons with Jedi Knight Sky River. Han named the first Nat and the second Kol. Han passed into the force when his sons were teenagers, and never met his grandsons. He died happily the same die as Sky sometime before 120 A.B.Y.

Behind the Scenes

Han Skywalker was created by Legends Lover to fill in the gap between Ben Skywalker and Nat and Kol. Han must have lived at least 70 years as he filled in A large gap of time.

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