Darth Pinnacle or Axelianus Palpatine was a Sith Lord and descendant of the Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine by cousinship.

Years after the extinction of most Sith and death of Darth Wredd he declared power over the galaxy..

After killing Empress Fel and exiling the Fel family to The Companion Dorn to rule under his suzerainty he founded the Alliance of Skyriver.

In 149 A.B.Y. he ordered the purge of all members of the Jedi Order, twenty were kept alive in an unknown prison. He did the same to the Sith Order in 171 A.B.Y. leaving Nihl as the only survivor.

Later that year, he captured Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue Skywalker and transformed them into Yuuzhan Vong.

During his rule, he also had to deal with the Mandalorian race running a offensive resistance against him after he took Jariah Skywalker as his apprentice.

He was killed by Wolf Skywalker in 174 A.B.Y. in a cell in Coruscant, but his spirit posessed his daughter, the newborn Jainna Skywalker.

Eleven years later, Jacenn was forced to kill his sister, finally killing the Sith lord for good.

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